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Friday, January 25 2019
5 Reasons Why DIY Gutter Repair is a Terrible Idea

As the new year starts getting into the swing of things, home maintenance is probably coming to the forefront of your mind. It’s always a good feeling to start your new year fresh - with a clean and repaired home that is ready for whatever the next 12 months will bring. One of the most neglected - yet important - parts of home maintenance involves the gutters. Keeping your gutters clean is essential to protecting your home, especially in a rain-heavy location like Fort Myers.

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Friday, January 11 2019
New Year Roof and Gutter Checklist

The roof and its gutters play essential parts in keeping your Fort Myers home safe from the outside world. Not only do they protect the home from water damage that can be caused from severe weather, they also reduce the energy costs associated with cooling your home in the summer. A good roof and gutter system can only function properly if they are well-maintained, however...

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Friday, December 14 2018
The Perfect Roof Type for Your Ft. Myers Home

If you're building a new home in the Ft. Myers area, or are looking to replace your existing roof, it is essential that you choose the right roofing material. Which material you decide to go with can not only greatly impact the energy costs associated with cooling your home, it will also determine the type of maintenance you need to perform, and how often you need to do it. There area few different material types that you should consider for your Ft. Myers home, each with their own benefits.

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Thursday, November 29 2018
The Right Roofing Material For You

The roof is - by far - one of the most important aspects of any home. A roof not only protects your home from the elements, it can also help keep the energy costs down, which is an essential consideration for your Ft. Myers home. While consistent roof inspections can help prolong the life of your roof, the time will probably come when you will have to replace it.

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Friday, November 09 2018
Roof Replacement vs. DIY Roof Repair - Which is Better Overall?

Realizing your roof needs repair is never something a homeowner wants to hear. Roofs are expensive, and can be a strain on any household's budget. Because the roof is such an integral part of keeping your home safe, it is imperative to get your roof fixed as soon as possible.

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Thursday, October 25 2018
What New Homeowners Need to Know About Their Roof

Owning a new home can be both thrilling and frightening. You are excited to finally be able to have a space that you can call your own, that you can change to suit your design aesthetic. Having the ability to change your house to reflect your personality is a huge dose of freedom. However, this freedom comes at a cost - maintaining your home on your own. You are responsible for the safety and security of your house

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Friday, October 12 2018
Don't Be Frightened By Roof Inspections

October is the best time of the year, filled with scary things like jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and ghouls! While these apparitions may be scary for little ones,  we know adults are frightened by more practical things, like how expensive home maintenance is! You may be afraid of getting your roof inspected, as it might reveal damaged areas or other parts that may need to be fixed. After all, what you don't know can't hurt you, right? 

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Friday, September 28 2018
Reputation Matters When Choosing A Roofing Contractor

We know you have a lot of different choices when it comes to who to hire as a roofing contractor in Ft. Myers. We also know that, unfortunately, there are a lot of disreputable contracting companies out there. They can take your money and either not complete the job, or finish it in a subpar way. It can be extremely costly - or even dangerous - to hire a disreputable roofing contractor. There are certain warning signs you can look for that will be instant clues to stay away. Some other points you should consider is a company’s reputation - and we have a great one

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Friday, September 14 2018
A Roof Checklist For After Storm Season

Living in Ft. Myers, you are well aware of the dangers of hurricane season. Even if there is no direct hit by a named storm, there can still be other tropical activity that can cause damage. High winds, driving rain, and hail are just a few of the weather conditions that can render your roof in need of repair. As a roof is an integral part of the safety of any home, keeping your roof in good condition should be a priority, and any damage should be addressed immediately.

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Thursday, August 23 2018
How We're Different - And Why That Makes Us Better

When dealing with something as important to your house as the roof, it is important that you choose the right roofing services companyto work with. This industry, however, is crowded with unreliable companies. So many, in fact, that complaints against contractors have risen a whopping 758%. Keeping this in mind, we knew that we had to be better - and that meant being different

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