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Saturday, October 24 2020
4 Tips For Residential Roof Maintenance

A good roof that lasts for decades starts with finding a high quality roofing manufacturer and a great roof installation team. These are essential elements to a healthy roof that can protect your home, but no roof will last its full lifespan without occasional maintenance. Fortunately, roofs don’t require as constant maintenance as perhaps your windows or the interior of your home, but there are a few residential roof maintenance tasks you’ll want to keep in mind.

Do Roof Maintenance By Seasons

You should do roof maintenance at least twice a year, but the smartest move is to do roof maintenance once per season. Seasonal storms and inclement weather can take its toll on your roof, and something that might not have been an issue one season ago could be an issue now. Make sure that at the beginning of each season, you check for missing or damaged shingles. It’s also a good time to clear out your roof gutters so that water can flow easily away from the roof instead of pooling or pouring down onto your foundation.

Know What To Look For

When inspecting for shingle damage, keep in mind that there might be several different kinds. The most obvious is missing shingles. Anyone can guess that missing shingles is a problem that could lead to leaks or other roofing issues. But curled shingles or chipped shingles could also be problematic. One issue that many homeowners miss is shingles that have begun shedding their granules. Check your roof gutters. If you notice that many granules have traveled to the base of the gutters, it means that your roof is losing the protection it needs.

Roof Gutters Are Just As Important

We’ve talked about cleaning your roof gutters seasonally and checking your roof gutters for granules from roofing shingles. But it’s critical to emphasize the importance of roof gutters when it comes to your roof system. Your roof gutters protect your roof and your home by funneling water off the surface of the roof and away from your siding or foundation, towards a downspout where it can flow away. Make sure that your gutters are both unclogged and that there aren’t any fatal scratches causing them to fail.

Trim Nearby Trees

Roof maintenance is more than just tending to the surface of your roof and your roof gutters. You should also look at what’s around the roof. Overhanging trees can scrape and damage your roof as well as your roof gutters. If you have a tree that’s hanging over your roof, trim it back to give both adequate space to flourish, without one damaging the other. 

Need help managing your roof or replacing your roof with a more durable, efficient roof? Contact Montgomery Winslow today for more information or a free estimate to get started.

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